r e p e a t.

A place for creatives to thrive.

" We need spaces to feel recharged and empowered to continue sharing our gifts with the world. ILA is simply dedicated to making sure those spaces exist. "

​– Founder, Rachel S. Gadson

A space that speaks to creatives is currently missing from the southside of Chicago.
The painter, the photographer, the event planner, the graphic designer, the stylist...
where do they go?  How are they inspired? How can they encourage others?

At ILA Creative Studio, the answer is simple: Provide a space for creatives to thrive.
Make it aesthetically appealing. Make it easily accessible. Make it exclusively unique, to
cultivate the rich artistic culture of the city.

In 2019, ILA Creative Studio will be the first ever creative cowork space on the southside of Chicago that inspires, educates and empowers the creative in us all...stay tuned!

Watch, as 6 local Chicago artists discuss why art matters and why spaces like ILA Creative Studio are much needed. Enjoy!
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