Create. Commune. Collab.

A place for creatives to thrive.

A space that speaks to creatives is currently missing from the southside of Chicago.
The painter, the dancer, the photographer, the music producer, the graphic designer, the stylist, the artist...
where do they go?  How are they inspired? How can they encourage others?

At ILA Creative Studio, the answer is simple: Provide a space for creatives to thrive. Make it aesthetically appealing. Make it easily accessible. Make it exclusively unique, to cultivate the rich artistic culture of the city.

ILA Creative Studio will be a creative cowork space that inspires, educates and empowers the creative in us all.
It will: Inspire expression through individual works. Educate and empower through collaborative works.

The great thing about ILA is the ability of our members to customize a plan that’s just right for them. With plans ranging from daily, weekly, monthly and even annual; our goal is to provide an experience that is most productive for creatives.

There will also be opportunity to promote the innovative work that you do! If you’re a dancer, rent out our dance studio and teach a weekly class. Perhaps you’re a visual artist, commision your work on the walls of our space and host a series of artist talks!

At ILA, opportunities are endless, it’s not just a place to work it is a place for you, the creative, to flourish.

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