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History of ILA

2011 - Crazy story...not really. I came up with the name ILA Design Solutions to coin as my own freelance design business upon graduating college. Simply because 'I love art' has been an innate feeling since forever...it only made sense that I ran with that as my official business name, I-L-A.
2016 - This outstanding idea dropped from the sky (literally), open a co-working space on the southside of Chicago! And not just any co-working space, one specifically for creatives that purposely aligns creatives with a space that culitvates growth, collaboration and opportunity in order to to empower more enthused creators across the city.
2017 - My simple idea, transformed into unstoppable passion. I enrolled in the Chicago Urban League NextStart Up Fall course to hone in on the exact plans for my concept. Our course ended with an in-class pitch competition. I became one of two finalists to go on to compete for a monetary prize for ILA at the Google Offices in Chicago. My concept competed against 3 other businesses...ILA won! 
2018 - I became energized. My idea became an official registered business with the state of Illinois at the top of this year. I wrote out plans, scratched them, got frustrated, wrote new ones, scratched those,  did it again; until I reached a viable business plan to launch my facility.

Leading focus groups to learn directly from creatives on what they'd like in a workspace and assembling an advisory team of industry experts to help bring things to life gave me the leverage to propel forward.
December 2018 - Join Us! As we raise start-up captial for ILA and get a preview of the innovative space that supports creatives on the Southside. Purchase tickets now!
2019 - Doors to
ILA Creative Studio will open!
2020 and Beyond - Nothing but expansion and growth. Opening ILA in various undersserved neighborhoods across the nation to help empower, educate and expose creatives to the opportunities + resources that they need.     
Core Values

ILA believes in the power of creatives and exists to be a supportive entity that inspires and promotes creative works. By standing in support of the creators, we inevitably are in support of expression, expansion and progression within our

Expanding the concept of creative coworking facilities globally will enhance the productivity of creators around the world. Enticing a larger scope of creative professionals worldwide.
Rachel Gadson was born and raised on the southside of Chicago. She has a strong attachment to the creative arts community and is a proud Chicagoan. She attended Florida A&M University where she attained her Bachelors in the field of Graphic Design; and also studied internationally at Studio Arts Center International, in Florence, Italy. 

A combination of love for the creative arts industry, and a keen desire to empower creatives (specifically creatives of color) shapes the trajectory of Rachel's career and it's the same fire that keeps her propelling toward her goals. 

Mother, friend, daughter, sister, Rachel now happily adds Founder of ILA Creative Studio to her list.
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